PlayerLeak: A Deeper Look

Last month we shared a post from Towson University Institute graduate Chris “CP” Patterson. In it, he introduced us to PlayerLeak, a sports focused social networking platform. It left us wanting more! We hope you enjoy learning more about PlayerLeak! And don’t forget to pass the information along to those who would be interested in engaging with the platform.

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What is PlayerLeak?

PlayerLeak is a sports dedicated social networking platform, built to provide the player, PL User 1team, and coach a network that will help them gain exposure, get to the next level, and realize greater opportunity in sports. The platform allows a user to create a digital profile to help promote themselves and collaborate with other people in the sports community.

PlayerLeak also has a unique feature called a Sports Map. This is where the player can list out goals they would like to achieve and their coaches, teammates, fans and other connections can offer advice and support to help them reach their goals.

Here is how you can engage with PlayerLeak:

  1. Log onto PlayerLeak (for FREE) at – today!
  2.  Sign up and create a profile.
  3.  Fill in your profile information – photos, player/team/coach info, experience, skills, etc….
  4. “Fan” (connect) a few users from the Suggested Users section.
  5. On your profile, fill in your “Sports Map” with goals for the upcoming Season/Off-Season.
  6. Invite your teammates, fellow athletes and coaches to join PlayerLeak.
  7. Continue to build your sports network and collaborate.
  8. Continue to set goals to get to the next level, and help your connections get to the next level!
  9. You can access PlayerLeak on your desktop, or by logging into the website on your mobile device.

What are the benefits? As a Player, Team, or Coach you will:

    • Gain Exposure – by joining a focused sports community you’ll increase your chances of being noticed. No more managing multiple accounts to maintain a strong social presence in sports. No more clutter about things other than sports. It’s all sports all the time!
    • Get To the Next Level – by using your Sports Map you’ll increase your chances of reaching your goals. You’ll have the opportunity to set goals for yourself and receive suggestions, advice, and support from your teammates or coaches on your way to success. You’ll also have the opportunity to offer support to a fellow athlete, or teammate, and help them on the way to achieving their goals. It’s a WIN-WIN situation.
    • Enhance Your Sports Experience – by becoming a user of the world’s first social networking platform dedicated to sports. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with sports users from around the world, and help shape the community. You’ll be able to build your sports network and use it to your advantage to enhance your own personal experience. Whether you are a player who wants to check in on players in another state, a coach who wants to connect with other coaches in the community, a fan who wants to build the ultimate fan network, or a parent who wants to keep track of all of your families sports moments, PlayerLeak will be the one stop shop for your sports social networking needs.
    • As a Player – you can showcase your skills; build your brand, or share photos PL User 3and videos of your performances in a dedicated sports community where everyone will be excited to see what you’ve got! You can also connect with your team, follow other users, and give Props (our “like”) to your connections when they share something cool.
    • As a Team – you can build a public or private team page, invite your team members to join, and use the team message board to post comments to your teammates. You can share your practice and game schedules, team reminders, updates, and accomplishments. You can also set team goals to achieve with your Sports Map.
    • As a Coach – you can use PlayerLeak to help bring your team together and get everyone on the same page. Your players can provide updates on what they are doing in the off-season and in the gym, as well as track their progress in-season. It’s a great way to give the player responsibility for their own career and hold them accountable. Plus you can utilize what they’ve put together to help promote them to the next level – whether at practice, at home, or on travel. You can also showcase your own coaching education, career, and awards and achievements on your personal profile. Build up your coaching network, and connect with other coaches who have Sports Maps to share and receive tips.

If you know an athlete, team, or coach who could benefit from using PlayerLeak, please pass along the link and encourage them to join! We look forward to building the world’s largest sports community with you!

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