LeaderShape: Our Brand New Look


We are so excited to introduce you to LeaderShape’s new website and new branding, including an updated organizational logo and logos for each of our programs.

Yes – a new brand! As LeaderShape grows as a not-for-profit organization, as our programs reach more and more people, and as we develop additional programs, we IMG_1506have found that this provides an opportunity to enrich our identity.

You see, when people talk about their experience with LeaderShape, we don’t always know what, exactly, they are referring to. Are they talking about the organization? One of our programs? If so, which program?

We welcome everyone who connects with the mission and vision of LeaderShape into our community. And, the reality is, people enter into our community in different ways. For a long, long time the only way one could be a LeaderShaper was through the Institute, either as a participant or a facilitator. In recent years, many have become a part of the organization, a part of our community, through other experiences, such as participating in the Catalyst and Resilience programs. People also join our community through partnerships and like-minded work. All of those experiences are LeaderShape. We want to give recognition, identity, and connection to all of it. Branding is part of that. Having designated space on our website to share more about the organization and each program is part of that.

Over the next couple of weeks we will share more about the meaning behind our logos and we will be highlighting specific areas of the website. Until then, we invite you to visit the site yourself. Click around. Share it with others. Tell us what you think of it.

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