Community & the LeaderShape Website

Along with a brand new, beautiful website, we have a new area on the LeaderShape website. Its focus is on the LeaderShape community.

If you click on the menu bar to the left of the HOME button, which can be found on the upper left of the main page, you will see that there is now a COMMUNITY area. From here you can subscribe to our Daily Inspiration email as well as to our weekly Live It! e-newsletter. You can also join the Pebble Club, learn about our partnerships, and get latest media and press information.

We are pretty excited to have an area on the website that is dedicated to community. There’s more to see though!

If you go back to the main page and scroll to fourth section down (it’s orange), you’ll find more community-oriented information.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that there are a lot of numbers there! We see possibility in these numbers. The possibility of each member of the LeaderShape community finding their purpose, their path, their place. The possibility of making the world a more just, caring, and thriving place. We are hopeful (and perhaps even expectant) that as these numbers increase that, as more people become a part of the LeaderShape community, the problems in our world will decrease.

You’ll also find a “Connect With” section among all these awesome numbers. This is where you can interact with and get content from LeaderShape’s Facebook, Twitter feed, and Instagram on a daily basis. A little LeaderShape every day, folks!  In addition to posting articles, videos, and LeaderShape updates, we see social media as yet another way to connect with each other. Consider yourself invited to interact with us on these platforms!

We’re eager for you to check out this section of the new website and let us know what you think. Drop a note in the comments after you check it out.

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