World Kindness Day

There are a lot of holidays that bring attention to the meaningful and the silly (national donut day anyone?) and everything in between. Today is World Kindness Day, a holiday born in 1998 from a gathering of like-minded kindness organizations from around the world.

RAK_believeThe Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is also involved with World Kindness Day. They define the day as “A global 24-hour celebration dedicated to paying-it-forward and focusing on the good.” The ideas they have on their website to recognize the day are so easy that you could even pick one thing to do today, without having planned for anything.

When you read over the suggestions that the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has to offer – share a kindness quote on social media, take care of yourself, express your gratitude towards someone in your life, donate to a cause that is important you – they all seems pretty effortless. In fact, they seem so easy that we wonder what would the world be like if we approached every day as World Kindness Day?

How would you be different if you were kind to yourself every day? If you got enough sleep, if you fueled your body with healthy food, if you spoke to yourself lovingly?

How would your relationships be different if you told those around you that you appreciate them and shared exactly why?

How could the causes and organizations you believe in grow if you donated even a week’s worth of coffee money to them?

We think – maybe even know – that you, those around you, and those causes you support would actually flourish from all of that consistent kindness.

So let today be a day to put kindness out into the world. And let tomorrow and all the other days after be more of the same.

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