#Day7: Tough Questions

shareasimage (3)December 7, 2015

The final #Day7 of 2015.

With one year coming to an end and another fast approaching, we may find ourselves pondering how the past year went and questioning what the New Year will hold.

“How did the year treat you?”
“Did you accomplish what you wanted in 2015?”
“What do you have planned for 2016?”

In our one-day Catalyst program we talk about the importance of asking ourselves meaningful and important questions. We challenge the participants to consider what questions they should be asking themselves that they currently are not. As we come to the last #Day7 of 2015, we want you to do the same.

It’s not always easy to challenge ourselves in this manner…to look within and consider what we are avoiding. But there are some pretty great things about digging into “the tough questions.”

We learn.

We learn from the question itself and from the answers we discover. We learn what we are afraid of, what is holding us back, what troubles our hearts and our minds. We learn how to be vulnerable.

We learn how to face our fears. We learn how to move forward despite obstacles. We learn how to solve problems. We learn what we care most about.

We learn where to direct our attention, resources, and efforts.

So let’s try it. Ask yourself, “What question am I avoiding that I should be asking myself right now.”

You aren’t alone in this practice. Here is what we at LeaderShape think we need to be asking ourselves right now…

Is this choice or decision getting me closer to the person I aspire to be?

Have I made someone smile today?

What do I need to let go of so that I can truly focus on what is most important to me?
Why is it so hard to show myself grace?
Kristen H.

What do I need to be doing to refresh my soul and encourage my heart?
How do I show compassion to my parents on a more regular basis?
Kristen Y.

What are the lessons I want to teach my children before they leave home?

How can I be more patient with myself and others?
How do I allow for voices different from my own to be heard?
How can I contribute to a sense of hope in our world?

What is your question?
We’d love to know and hope you’ll share it in the comments section.

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