Keeping Your “A”: A #Day7 Post

I had a professor in college – I’m pretty sure he taught my Astronomy class – who, on the first day of class, said to us, “Right now, you each have an ‘A’ in this class. All you have to do is to keep it.”

It’s the first #Day7 of 2016. An opportunity to reflect on and commit to staying in action when it comes to the things we’ve learned and the goals we have set as a result of our experience with LeaderShape.

Now, we aren’t graded on our #Day7 efforts. But remembering what my prof said to us that day did get me thinking about how right now we all have a new year, a clean slate. We have an “A” when it comes to staying in action, going after our goals, and becoming the person we want to be.Apaper_shutterstock_295347227

It’s a new year and I feel it. I feel the possibility of keeping my “A.” Right now, for me, it’s about being the person I say I am and say I want to be. It’s about staying true to my values, even if it is inconvenient or hard to do so. It’s about following through on the commitments I have made to myself. It’s about making a meaningful contribution to the people and organizations and ideas that I care about most.

What about you? How are you going to keep your “A” and make the most of your #Day7? We hope you’ll tell us in the comments.

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