A LeaderShape Video Project

LSH-all-banners-LO-RES-9We hear from our community members on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We have the pleasure of reading reflections on blog posts and watching them on YouTube. We talk with you on the phone and over email. We love these moments and these stories. And we want more people to learn about you and your experience with LeaderShape programs. So here is what we are going to do…

We are putting together a video capturing reflections from people who have participated in LeaderShape’s programs, Catalyst, Institute, and Resilience. Below is all the information you need to share your own reflections and be included in the project.

One other thing. We’re excited to share that this year’s Palmer Award recipient, Carolina Ruggero, is assisting with the project. If you haven’t seen the work she is doing on her project Tell Your Story: Tallahassee, we encourage to visit her YouTube channel.

We look forward to receiving your videos! Here’s what to do…

  • Create a video introducing yourself and responding to the following question (based on which program(s) you have participated in):
    • Hi, my name is…
    • Because I participated in Catalyst/Institute/Resilience, this is what changed in me…
  • Tips for a good video:
    • Find a space with good lighting
    • Find a quiet space, without background noise
    • Make sure the camera is steady and in focus
    • Record in an mp4 export format
    • Be yourself
  • The name of your video file should be your first and last name.
  • Drop your video into this Google Folder.
    • Access the folder from a Google account
    • On the top right there is a button that reads “Add to my drive”
    • Once the drive is added, the button will change to read “Go to My Drive”
    • Open the folder and upload your movie

Submissions are due by 12pm EST on Friday, March 4.
Questions? Drop us an email at lead@leadershape.org.

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