#Day7: The Day to Yourself

If I was given a day to myself, I would grab a close friend and take a mini road trip to visit a landmark or a new restaurant, and spend the day outdoors exploring and meeting new people.
Shelby, LeaderShape Intern

SLEEP! I enjoy sleeping. But I would probably go to brunch with some friends,
catch a movie, and then go home and chill on my couch.
Precious, LeaderShape Intern

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We are always excited to learn and talk about Day 7 efforts. We love hearing about the accomplishments of the LeaderShape community as they work towards their goals. Towards the creation of a just, caring, and thriving world.

It’s big work, the things that this community is engaged in. They are entrepreneurs, activists, business owners, students, educators, speakers, creatives, and more. They are staying up late, getting up early, making sacrifices to do what it takes to make it happen. As energizing as all of this can be, it is also demanding.

Sometimes we need a break from the work.

Sometimes we need rest to stay in action.

Some of us are really good at taking the time we need to rest, chill out, attend to our own need, to be rejuvenated.

And for some of us…it’s a bit more difficult. Maybe you aren’t great at recognizing that some time to ourselves is needed. Maybe you just don’t like to “waste time” by relaxing. Maybe you worry you’ll get too far behind by taking a break. Maybe you haven’t thought about what to do with yourself when you face downtime.

If you are good at prioritizing downtime, we applaud you. It’s an important skill, making time for rest. If this is an area that is a struggle for you, we encourage you to consider why this is.

You can start small and with one question, “If you were given a completely free day, with no obligations, what would you do?”

Have your answer?
Now go do it.


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