FullSizeRenderThere are many activities and people that compete for our time and attention on a daily basis: our family, our friends, work, social media, and the list goes on and on. Often by the end of a day we find ourselves exhausted because of all of the roles we are managing and we give the least amount of time and attention to ourselves. Taking care of yourself is crucial to being happy and successful in life and a productive member of society. Despite its importance, it is often the last thing we think to do.

LeaderShape’s newest program, RESILIENCE, has been designed to help individuals spend time thinking about how they can face adversity and come back stronger than they were before.  This program is based on medical research that has shown that people can train their brains to respond to stressful situations in a way that will improve their mental and physical health. The combination of scientific research and hands on learning has allowed LeaderShape to design a program that is meeting the needs of professionals, allowing them to disconnect a little from the hectic pace of every day life and slow down to develop some essential skills to be more resilient.

This program is designed for working professionals and is ideal for groups looking to invest in the personal well being of their staff and team members. The skills learned during Resilience will allow professionals to approach their daily work with increased focus and build more intentional relationships with co-workers, colleagues, and students. Most importantly, doing this personal work will role model for students the importance of taking care of yourself and how essential that is to being an effective community member.

For more information about the Resilience, please visit our website or email Kristen Young at

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