#Day7: Together

There are so many ways that we can engage in #Day7 and remain rooted in what it takes to stay in action. And we are working to discover more opportunities for the members of the LeaderShape community to participate in #Day7 with us and one another.

Last month we kicked off our 2016 webinar series with Leading Change: When the Facts Aren’t Enough and held a personal challenge initiative.

Our next webinar is scheduled for March 22 at 11am CST.

Tanya Williams, Co-Lead Facilitator for the Institute and Associate Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Community Engagement at Union Theological Seminary, will be talking with us about the ways in which our identities and their positions of dominance or subordination in a societal system of power and privilege impact the way in which we lead and our ability to lead. You can learn more about Paths to Liberation: Internalized Racism’s Impact on Leadership, including how to register, by going here.

We are excited to learn and grow with you through our webinar series, future challenges, and whatever other opportunities we find explore together.


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