Resilience: FAQs

LeaderShape’s Resilience program is a 1-day eye-opener based on the research of Dr. Amit Sood that explores resilient leadership and how it builds strong, flexible relationships and communities.LS-Resilience_color-on.white

Resilience is more than just managing stress, it’s learning the skills to take life events in stride and to grow and learn from our experiences.

Healing and strengthening, Resilience offers participants the space and time to begin to focus on how their lives impact their ability to lead, and identify tools to strengthen their awareness day to day.

Who is Resilience for?
The program was created with professionals in mind. Resilience is ideal for groups looking to invest in the personal well being of their organization as well as their colleagues. The skills learned during Resilience allow professionals to approach their daily work with increased focus and build more intentional relationships with co-workers, colleagues, and clients. Most importantly, doing this personal work will role model the importance of taking care of oneself and how essential that is to being an effective community member regardless of one’s occupation.

Why a program for professionals?
For thirty years, LeaderShape programmatic focus has been on young adults. As our organization has grown and as our graduates have grown up, we recognized a need for a program that provides the opportunity for people to come together to think more deeply about the direction of their life and how they can continue to grow and develop.

How will you spend your time during Resilience?
The day begins by talking about the science of the brain. With this as the foundation, the day is spent in small group conversations and in personal reflection developing competency in 7 areas that will help participants incorporate the concepts of resiliency into their daily lives. Those areas are: compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance, meaning, celebration, and reflection.

The Bigger Picture
LeaderShape is working towards creating a more just, caring, and thriving world. Being resilient helps individuals continue to grow as they face the challenges of life. By growing in the areas of resilience, people become better equipped to engage in making a difference in their own lives, in their communities, and in the world.

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