Not long ago, I was told by a dear friend who lives far from me that he brought my name up in a conversation recently.

In the same way, I have another dear friend who lives overseas. She has let me know on multiple occasions of stories she has shared about me with her co-workers and friends.

Now, I’m not sure if you have ever experienced something similar to this; but if you have, it may seem a bit awkward at first. Generally, we are uncomfortable with the idea of others, even close friends, talking about us when we are not there.

However, pay close attention. I don’t want you to miss the enormous gifts these acts are. In reflecting upon the kind words of my friends, the following thought occurred to me:

Our names will be carried to places our feet will never touch.

Somewhere, on the other side of the world, my name was spoken. For a moment, my presence hung in a place I may never see with my own eyes. Without any effort on my end, a part of my life was shared with people I may never meet. Of all the topics and subjects to choose from, they took time out of their day to include me.

This is the power of our impressions.

Autonomy is highly valued in our society. We believe in our ability to accomplish goals and make the right decisions. However, in making this our focus, we diminish the opportunities we have to impact others.

You’re alive. You take up space. Your words, actions, and thoughts are noticed by those around you. As much as you may try to go through life without imposing upon or impacting others, you absolutely will. It is impossible for anyone to go through this world completely alone.

So, how are you shaping your impressions? Are you being intentional with growing and sharing with others? More than likely, everyone you develop a strong relationship with will carry a piece of you with them wherever they go. This is a rare and special gift.

What do you want that piece to look like?

If your name was spoken across the globe, what would you want others to say?

Shelby Allen serves as a Marketing Intern for LeaderShape. She is a 23-year-old Okie who enjoys dancing, travel, campus life, jigsaw puzzles, and summertime. Post-graduation, she hopes to continue encouraging and leading others to live in possibility.

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