The Institute: Putting it Into Words

“You just have to experience it for yourself!”

“I can’t explain it…but it was awesome!”

“I had this awesome family and created this vision and I was a circle and we sang ‘Baby Shark’ and I’m so tired but it was so good.”

Sometimes articulating what you experienced at the Institute can be difficult. It’s six days packed with people and activities and ideas and discoveries. There is a lot to capture when talking about it all!LS-Institute-color_on.whiteThe Institute is an experience worth talking about and we want everyone who participated in the program to be able to share it with others. To be able to reflect on and explain and get others invested in the value of the program is meaningful and helps to keep the experience alive.

Because we know the Institute is both impactful and difficult to put into words, we have a few suggestions that we think are helpful.

You had the opportunity to spend time in reflection throughout the Institute, and doing so after the program has come to an end provides a great opportunity to continue making meaning of the experience in a personal way. Deep contemplation on what the experience meant to you, why it was important, and how you may have changed are good places to begin.

Consider who is asking you about the Institute and what you want to share with that particular person.
Would you share the same stories with the person who sponsored you to attend the Institute as you would with your best friend? How about what you’d share with a mentor and what you’d share with your family? Taking time to think about this can provide you with a focus for the conversation.

You don’t have to talk about every single thing that happened.
At least not right away. Consider a particularly meaningful moment or something important that you learned and talk about that one thing. We’ve shared a list of ideas to get you started and to prepare you to respond to questions like, “How was the Institute?” and “What did you do at LeaderShape?” in a meaningful way.

What did you do specifically and why what about that activity will stick with you?
Which activity was the most powerful for you and why?

What is one thing that you think about differently now?
What is the most important thing you learned about yourself?
How are you different as a result of the experience?

Who did you meet and how did they influence you?
What did you learn about yourself and the relationships you have outside of the Institute?
What did you discover about how you can contribute to groups that you are a part from activities like DiSC and Star Power?

What do you personally believe the world needs? Why do you believe this? What do you want to do about it?

We’re curious! What suggestions do you have for explaining the Institute experience? Share them in the comments!

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