Are You Ready?

The next big season of your life could be just around the corner. The question is, are you prepared to meet it?

The aspirations you hold for you life are important. They are worthy of your time, energy, and talents.

shutterstock_125007140However, do you find yourself delaying your dreams, scheduling them for another time? I’ve noticed that what many people desire most for themselves, they are often quickest to sacrifice. Why is this?

There seems to be an infinite number of justifications as to why we will not tackle that first step. We may think we’re not qualified. We may lack the financial resources. Our time may be tied up in taking care of children or family members. For me, I often feel as if there are others who could do the job better than I can. The list goes on:

We’re too young.
We’re too old.
We don’t have the knowledge.
We’re not in good enough health.
Or my favorite, we’re too busy.

Why are we too busy to go after the experiences we truly want?

For many of us, I believe the answer is simple:

We enjoy the comfort of wishing for our goals over
the work it takes to pursue them.

If our ideas, our stories, our songs, or our sorrows stay in our mind, they remain ours. Rooted in hope, we are able to protect them from the external opinions and judgements of others. Choosing to go after something means exchanging the high expectations you’ve clung to for the reality of the pursuit. What if it doesn’t turn out to be the way we imagined it?

The clock keeps ticking.

The tough lesson in all of this: If we wait for ideal circumstances, we’ll just spend our lives waiting.

If the thought of taking a step towards something you want scares you, you’re in a good place. Find comfort in this hesitation.

Accept the fact that you’re not ready, and you never will be. Start anyway.

Have a fierce moment of courage, and see how far your fear takes you before it becomes confidence. Put your pen to paper, fingers to strings, or feet to the road. Your dream is worth too much to give it up to endless days of preparation.

You’re in the position to succeed. Find the resources. Let those around you know what you want to accomplish, and fight through it. It’s going to be tough, but it’s going to be worth it.

Are you ready? Chances are, probably not.

How long are you going to let that stand in your way?

Shelby Allen serves as a Marketing Intern for LeaderShape. She is a 23-year-old Okie who enjoys dancing, travel, campus life, jigsaw puzzles, and summertime. Post-graduation, she hopes to continue encouraging and leading others to live in possibility. 

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