Lifelong Learning: Webinar Recordings

At LeaderShape we believe that everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner. And we believe that we are never done learning! It is a process without end, and so we must always find ways to engage in expanding our own knowledge base and share what we have come to discover through our own experiences.

We hope our webinar series has provided you with an opportunity for continued learning. That through the presentations you have considered new ways of thinking and being.

If you’ve missed any of them, we have the links for each webinar here for you.

Leading Change: When The Facts Aren’t Enough
Paths to Liberation: Internalized Racism’s Impact on Leadership
Gender: Beyond the Binary
Storytelling 101
Facing Trans: Education, Advocacy, and Inclusion
How to Change the World: We *can* be Heroes

And, with the idea that we are all also teachers in mind, we are currently accepting submissions for future presentations in our series. Please note that submissions will open again in the winter!

Our next webinar is scheduled for Thursday, July 21 at 12:30pm CST. Chad Ellsworth will be presenting, How to Change the World: We can be heroes. You can find the registration link here. We hope you’ll join us! The link to Chad’s webinar is now listed above.

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