30 Fact for 30 Years


In honor of yesterday’s 30th anniversary of the Institute, we have a list reflecting the growth of the program since 1986. Have anything to add? We hope you’ll do so in the comments section below.



  • The first session of the Institute began on July 19, 1986.
  • The program was started by Alpha Tau Omega.
  • The first location of the Institute was Allerton Park and Retreat Center. National sessions of the Institute are still held at this location.
  • LeaderShape was incorporated in 1988.
  • The first campus partner to hold a session of the Institute exclusively for their students was the University of Michigan.
  • LeaderShape’s Institute program recognized as an Exemplary Program by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation in 1997.
  • The University of Michigan is the first campus to hold 2 sessions of the Institute in one calendar year. They have also held the most number of sessions in one year with 4 sessions in 2000 and are our longest-standing campus partner.
  • The first all-women’s session of the Institute was held in 2001 at Meredith College (NC).
  • Surpassed 13,000 graduates of the Institute in 2002.
  • The first national session held outside of Illinois was in California in 2005. Since then, national sessions of the Institute have also been held in Georgia, Massachusetts, and Nevada.
  • The first session for a historically black college or university was held in 2007 at North Carolina Central University.
  • Surpassed 25,000 graduates of the Institute in 2007.
  • The first international session of the Institute was held in 2007 in Doha, Qatar in conjunction with the Education City Project.
  • The first predominantly Latino/Latina student population session was held in 2006 at the University of Texas-Pan American.
  • Surpassed 50,000 graduates of the Institute in 2013.
  • The first set of concurrent sessions held was in 2013 with Auburn University.
  • The 1,000th session of the Institute: North Carolina State University in 2013.
  • At present, there are over 60,000 graduates of the Institute.
  • There have been over 7,000 Cluster Facilitators for the Institute
  • There have been over 1,500 On Site Coordinators for the Institute.
  • There are currently over 225 Co-Lead Facilitators for the Institute, with over 300 in our history.
  • The Institute has taken place in 4 countries.
  • 95 sessions of the Institute will take place in 2016.
  • There have been 1,281 total sessions of the Institute to date.
  • There have been 5 Board of Trustees Chairpersons, Mr. Gene Hoffman, Dr. Maureen Hartford, Dr. Robert Sheehan, Ms. Carla Paonessa, and Dr. Ainsley Carry.
  • There have been 31 Board members over the course of its history.
  • LeaderShape has had 3 Presidents, Mr. Gene Hoffman, Dr. Robert Sheehan, and Mr. A. Paul Pyrz, Jr.
  • LeaderShape has hired 24 staff members over the course of its history.
  • LeaderShape has had 4 organizational logos.

Bonus Fun Facts!
Over the past 30 years, there have been approximately…
30,000 “High Five” partners
3,000 boxes of tissues used
Over 600,000 post it notes used
Close to a million “smelly” markers sniffed, er, we mean used
The word “Videre” has been yelled over 5,000,000 times
There have been over 180,000 trades made during Star Power

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