Reflections from an Institute Graduate, Part 1

One of the most exciting parts of our work at LeaderShape is when we connect with the members of our community. A few months back we heard from Texas State University Institute graduate Storm Tyler. We hope you’ll enjoy part one of Storm’s three-part blog series that offers a peak into Storm’s experience with the Institute.

I’m Storm, a proud Bobcat that’s beginning a Masters in Digital Media. Throughout undergrad, I was involved in our Leadership Institute, in which I found a love for mentoring younger students and developing their leadership potential. At heart, I’m an aspiring working nomad discovering my own purpose while attempting to understand the world and its people beyond my own perception.

Storm-Facilitator“I want to be the kind of person who: was (r)evolutionary. One who lived adventurously and in possibility with purpose, challenged creatively as well as appreciated and loved compassionately.” This statement along with many other mementos hang around my bedroom walls in remembrance to be and do better for myself, others and the world. Courtesy of my initial Institute experience, I not only returned personally fulfilled but with plans for a global vision. It was the mid-year and undergraduate rejuvenator I so desperately needed.

I’m an avid conference attendee—whether in regard to leadership, social equity, entrepreneurship/tech or women’s empowerment—the energy of positively charged leaders and innovators is enough for me to attend at least five per year. However, LeaderShape’s Institute was unparalleled and complete with endless laughter, damp eyes from personal storytelling, headaches from self-confrontation and daily successes from internal validation. Simply, this weeklong program restored my thunder.

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