2016 Palmer Award Recipient

The time has come for us to announce the recipient of the 2016 Palmer Award!
Please join us in congratulating this year’s winner, Felix Hartmann, 2015 Institute graduate from Florida Atlantic University and member of Alpha Tau Omega.


11894185_892970774089904_5017184054857582784_oIn reading Felix’s application, it was clear that he believes in the ATO creed and is particularly inspired and motivated by the part of the statement that reads, “to have no narrower limits within which to work together for the elevation of man that the outlines of the world.”

Indeed, Felix is working to elevate others through his vision and day-to-day work.

The Vision
To create a world in which people define their own destiny and reach their full potential by pursuing their passions.

The Work
One vision-related project Felix wrote about in his application is the Next Gen Summit, which he helped to establish. Through conference experiences, Next Gen is able to help build a supportive community of millennial leaders who want to do big things that better the world. Since Felix attended the Institute in 2015, the Summit has “brought together over a thousand driven millennials from around the world that are changing society in all areas from politics to science, and entrepreneurship.”


Felix has also used social media as a way to connect with motivated people who want to make society a better place. He partly credits this on-line presence and experience with the opportunity to serve as CEO for FundThis.com, a crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding helps people share their message, enroll others in their work, and build capital -all ways to support people pursue their passions. Felix and FundThis.com are currently working to prepare the company for its official launch, but he has already had a glimpse into the impact that the platform can make through its beta testing phase.

Destiny and Passion
Felix believes “defining one’s own destiny and pursuing one’s passions is the best way to live life.” And he believes living in this way is possible. We are excited to follow Felix’s story and see his vision continue to be put into action, helping to contribute to the just, caring, and thriving world we’re working towards.

You can learn more about and follow Felix’s work on Twitter and Instagram.

The Palmer Award is provided each year to a LeaderShape graduate who participated in a national or campus based session of the Institute the previous year. The award is given to recognize the achievements of those individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to bringing their vision to reality after attending a session of LeaderShape’s Institute program.

The Palmer Award is possible through an endowment gift donated to the Alpha Tau Omega Foundation by Dr. Edmund Palmer, Jr.

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