Palmer Award: Finalists (Part 2)

A highlight of our work at LeaderShape is learning about the contributions that LeaderShapers are making in their communities and for the world. Each year, when reviewing the applications for the annual Palmer Award, we have the privilege of doing just that.

We recently announced Felix Hartmann as this year’s recipient and shared the work of some of the award finalists. We’re excited to share the work of two more of the six Palmer Award finalists:

Noble Dwarika, Institute graduate from the University of California-San Diego, wants to “stretch the parameter of self-expression and beauty”, imagining a world where people can see “beauty in a wide spectrum antithetical to a mainstream perspective.” Through Noble’s vision young black and brown kids, as well as adults, would be empowered to see themselves as equally beautiful.fb_img_1475868488180

In response to this call, Noble has created his own small business, Noble Expressions, designing clothing with elements from the African Diaspora and his experiences with fashion abroad. Noble shares that the most gratifying part of Noble Expressions is that his friends and community members can see themselves represented in his work.

You can be inspired yourself by checking out some of Noble’s designs on Instagram.

From Florida State University, Rayne Alicia Neunie is committed to access to safe and healthy environments for women delivering children, specifically in low-income countries, with the ultimate goal of decreasing infant and maternal mortality rates.

In the year since Rayne participated in the Institute, she has kept active seeking hands-on learning opportunities to support her vision. In the Spring, she volunteered at a hospital, gaining valuable first-hand experience of what it is like to work in a health-care facility. After receiving Florida State University’s Global Scholars Program, she traveled to Kenya to work with the Kuria Development Community for the Marginalized (KDCM). Rayne was able to understand more thoroughly about the resources and training needed at the health facilities she visited. This knowledge, combined with her hospital volunteer experience, helped Rayne to develop the “Mother’s Care Program.” This program trained tradition birth attendants and provided them with kits containing basic medical supplies needed for emergency deliveries.

Rayne has goals of becoming a registered midwife and to continue to support KDCM by donating supplies to their health facilities.


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