#Day7: Staying in Action

Here at LeaderShape we get excited about people staying in action. We get excited about LeaderShapers (and anyone, really!) who are living out their vision and doing their part to create “a just, caring, and thriving world where all lead with integrity and a healthy disregard for the impossible.” We talk about staying in action in all of our programs. We talk about it with our community. Many of you, especially our Institute graduates, understand that when we mention #Day7 that we are talking about staying in action.#Day7

Although every day is #Day7 – a chance to keep learning and moving forward – we love how the seventh of each month can serve as an opportunity to reflect on our LeaderShape experiences, connect with one another, and take action toward our vision. You can find us writing, thinking, and posting about all things staying in action. But it’s not a #Day7 without our community! You can join in by responding to our prompts, asking questions, sharing posts, and taking time to reflect on your LeaderShape experience. And if you have big news on your vision or anything about your #Day7, email us at community@leadershape.org.

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