A Practice of Gratitude


This week many of us in the U.S. will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. In addition to traveling, eating, and visiting with friends and family, the holiday also connects us to the notion of gratitude.

Our relationship with Dr. Amit Sood and the launch of our Resilience program has helped those of us working at LeaderShape to connect more intentionally with the practice of gratitude. It shows up in our conversations, in what we read, and how we want to live.

Whether Thanksgiving is your reminder to focus on gratitude or you have a daily practice of your own, we hope this list of resources inspires and encourages.

Popular Gratitude Books on Goodreads

Collection of Book Recommendations from Gratefulness.org

The Science Behind Gratitude from Happify

The Gifts of Gratitude from Holstee

Gratitude News from Huffington Post

Gratitude Glow from Unstuck

May Designs Gratitude Journal 

Morning Gratitude with Dr. Sood

An Experiment in Gratitude from Soul Pancake

Oh, To Be Grateful – a Spoken Word Poem by Natalie Patterson

If you have any resource on gratitude to share, we’d be most grateful if you’d post them in the comments section. 🙂

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