Webinar Submission Process Open

LeaderShape is searching for contributors to our 2017 webinar series!

One of the things that we love about this webinar series is that it is a chance to engage in learning and community beyond the walls of our programs. It brings LeaderShapers from across the country together and includes yet-to-be LeaderShapers. It is another opportunity to focus on our leadership.

SeriesPromo[1][1]So many factors contribute to the practice of leadership, presenting us with the opportunity to learn and grow in a variety of ways. In the past year, we’ve offered a series of webinars that have explored storytelling, gender identity, advocacy, liberation and leadership, leadership efficacy and capacity, living outside our comfort zones, and more. Presenters in our webinar series have included educators, practitioners, consultants, and entertainers. They have been LeaderShape community members and those who are new to LeaderShape. And each of them is committed to and wildly knowledgeable about their topic.

We are excited to create a series with space for a multitude of ideas and topics presented by people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The door to the possibilities of learning is open! If you aren’t sure if this includes you, ask yourself…

Do I have information to share?
Am I knowledgeable about this subject?
Do I care about my topic deeply?
Will the learning that comes from my area of interest, expertise, and experience benefit those who want to activate their leadership and contribute to positive change in the world?
Do I connect with the mission and vision of LeaderShape?

You can also review our webinar submission form to learn more. Still have questions? Drop us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Note that the deadline to apply is 12pm CST on Monday, February 13.
And please, pass this opportunity on to colleagues and friends that you think have something great to share with the LeaderShape community.

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