Friday 5: Travel Edition

For some of us, summertime means vacations and travel! Some of you out there take to the skies for your work. The person who travels the most on our staff, hands down, is Vernon. Because Vernon is such a pro, we’ve asked him to share his top 5 “must have” travel items. Here we go…

Hopper app on my phone.
Allows for you to save trip destinations for specific dates and you will be alerted when the fare drops.

Luggage Online
The only place to shop for luggage.  Deep discounts.  Free shipping.

Beats headphones
Combination noise cancellation and great sound!

Flightboard app on my phone 
Brings every airport flight board in the world to your phone – real time.

Luggage Tags from FedEx Office
Did you know that you can take your business cards to FedEx and get them laminated and made into luggage tags? Cheap and functional!

Do you have any additions to Vernon’s list of travel must-haves? Leave your recommendations in the comments below. 


Vernon A. Wall is Director of Business Development at LeaderShape.  An avid college football and basketball fan, Vernon loves visiting new places, laughing with family and friends, reading Entertainment Weekly, martini bars and challenging the status quo when it comes to equity and inclusion.  “I am in the world to change the world.”  Follow Vernon on Instagram and Twitter at @vernonAwall.

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