Palmer Award Finalist: Logan Robinson

We received so many wonderful applications for this year’s Palmer Award that not only did we want to announce this year’s recipient, Mitchell Tijerina – we also wanted to share the work of those who were among our finalists. Today we learn about Logan Robinson, Institute graduate from the University of Texas-Austin.


“The Institute challenged my way of thinking and the purpose of my thinking. As I contemplated what my vision would be, passions and areas of my heart were exposed. With a sensitive heart towards orphaned and fostered boys, my vision from the Institute was to eventually lead a ranch that would be a home for many of them.” – Logan Robinson

Given the focus of his vision, Logan is committed to learn as much as he can about working with children. He has spent much of his time serving and volunteering with young children, such as through his church and with refugees in Berlin, Germany.

From these experiences, Logan has learned that compassion, love, and acceptance are vital to understanding and supporting children. Sharing time, affection, and a game of soccer can also do a lot of good! All of this breaks down the barriers that are created from past hurts.

Throughout Logan’s award application we noted a common theme. Whether he was writing about what he dreams his ranch would be like or about an interaction with a child, his experiences have lead him to the importance of offering love. Unconditional love.

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