Palmer Award Finalist: Obinna Ejimofor

We received so many wonderful applications for this year’s Palmer Award, we wanted to share the work of those who were among our finalists. Today we learn about Obinna Ejimofor, Institute graduate from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.


On the path towards his vision, Obinna understands that his continued education will be in both the medical field as well as learn more promoting farmworkers’ rights. And he has made great strides in both areas!

Having spent time with Novant Health, Obinna performed and participated in duties that helped to improve patient satisfaction outcomes and conditions in the medical field. He tells us more about his experience, writing that “…the philosophy of care demonstrated by Novant Health also correlated with my core values as a leader.” He is committed to providing a remarkable patient experience, and was able to support this through innovative patient-care design, proper execution of health-care policy, and performing assessments of clinical standards and compliance. Through his work with Novant Health, he was also “reminded of various lessons learned from my time at LeaderShape Institute, such as the importance of leading with integrity and having the time, commitment and audacity to believe in the impossible.”

Obinna has also been expanding his knowledge and experience with and for farmworkers.

  • While interning in the Clinical Resources Department, he has facilitated projects with other healthcare administrators that challenged his understanding of medicine in the context of community benefit.
  • Worked at Student Action with Farmworkers, a local non-profit located in Durham, North Carolina. This organization specializes in advocacy rights and educational workshops that benefit the farmworker community and Latinx population.
  • Through Student Action with Farmworkers, Obinna conducted monthly workshops for Levante Leadership Institute students. They discussed topics on race, healthcare, financial literacy and higher education.
  • Held a fundraiser that raised over $500 in donations.
  • Lobbied for farmworker rights to local legislators.

Obinna shares, “Understanding the plight of farmworkers and acting as an ally that can help voice their concerns will allow me to better serve the community and provide effective medical assistance. I intend to accomplish this while also staying true to my core values of growth, humility, and happiness.” It’s clear to us that this is exactly the direction he is headed.

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