Reflecting in the Moment: 5 Take-Aways

We enjoyed spending October digging into the ways in which we can be in the moment with you. As we reflect on what we shared (and learned!) this month, there are five key take-aways that we want to leave you with.

Learn to MeditateOctober
One way we can be in the moment is through meditation. Although it may be typical to spend several minutes in meditation, you can always take a few moments during the day to practice this kind of mindfulness quickly but intentionally. Find a quiet space, sit comfortably and remember 5, 3, 8, 1.

  • Inhale and count to 5
  • Hold your breath and count to 3
  • Exhale and count to 8
  • Hold your breath and count to 1

Repeat as needed and experience the benefits of mindful and focused attention.

Set aside time for yourself during the day
You know that saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup”? We believe that it is a pretty accurate message. Consider this an encouragement to designate time for yourself each day. If you find it’s difficult to do so, maybe these strategies will help get you started:

  • Make an appointment with yourself and put it in your calendar
  • Ask someone you trust to help keep you accountable by checking in with you
  • Set an encouraging reminder
  • Know you deserve the time for yourself

Take the time to read
If you don’t consider yourself to be a reader, we hope we can change your mind. There are so many compelling reasons to read. And spending some time with a book could be the way in which you take time for yourself each day (see our point above, friends).

Find your mindfulness activity
Mindfulness, or focused awareness, is another way we can stay in the moment. Plus, it can help us to reduce stress and become more resilient. But here’s the thing. In order for a mindfulness practice to work for you, you need to do something that, well, works for you. When selecting an activity, it’s important for you choose one that fits your style, your schedule, your goals, etc.

Not sure what kind of activity would work for you? We’ve compiled several for you to try.

Do you have anything to add to our take-aways from the past month?
Drop them in the comments!

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