Building Resilient Leaders

April Day 7 Save the Date TW

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our resilience activities this month as we learned how to build resilient leaders! We took the time this month to focus on our strengths, take time to enjoy things we love, and learn how to bounce back.

One of the biggest takeaways to becoming a resilient leader is to focus on our strengths. Some of the strengths resilient leaders have, and demonstrate every day are:  Confidence, Purpose, Support, and Adaptability.

When we focus on our strengths, whether they include those listed above or are completely different, it helps us to have more self-assurance. And that self-assurance helps us to learn from our mistakes, rather than letting them derail us. Put this into practice by taking a few minutes today and reflect on some of your setbacks and the lessons you have learned through them.

“There’s no one to stop you but yourself.”
– David Thomas  

Another way to build yourself up to become a resilient leader is to take time to do the things you LOVE!. We often get lost in the day-to-day to-do lists and don’t make time to enjoy the little things. Stay connected to those things that bring joy to your life and hold them tight.

“It’s not every day you get to do what you love and
have a major story behind it.”

Resilient leaders also understand the skills to bounce back from setbacks. Not only that, but they use these moments as opportunities to learn and grow. Resilient leaders 1) understand their failures 2) use the resilient skills that they have learned 3) take what they have learned and call on that skill for the future. Here are some of the skills the Community Engagement team has gained through our failures: Kristen learned to be more open to others’ apologies after she made the mistake of sending the wrong email to someone. Colby learned how to focus on what he can control after an interview that didn’t go the way he planned. And Ashley is taking control of her schedule after saying “I can do that” to too many opportunities.

We hope you took as much away from this month as we have. Becoming a resilient leader takes time, effort, and an open mind but you can do it! And remember – we are here to help you become the best leader you can be. See you all next month as we Spark the Change!


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