Palmer Award Finalists: Silvia Araoz

As we continue with our Palmer Award finalist highlights, we are pleased to introduce you to Silvia Araoz. Silvia is from Salt Lake Community College and participated in the Latinx session of the Institute in San Antonio, Texas.

Silvia’s vision is to ensure that low income populations who are struggling with immigration issues have confidential and convenient access to legal issues. One of the ways in which Silvia is working toward her vision is through the Salt Lake City Mexican Consulate, where works in the Education Window helping immigrants obtain information on how to get education to improve their lives. She has also given presentations about the requirements to become an American citizen at local churches and libraries.

Mariflor Medina, a friend who also attended the Institute, is partnering with Silvia on this work as well. Both Silvia and Mariflor hold a paralegal certificate and are working toward their degrees in social work. Together they have a created a business plan to create a mobile legal aid resource and are actively meeting with community members for coaching and support. With access to a vehicle such as a van or a bus, Silvia and Mariflor will have the ability to connect with immigrants in person throughout Utah and provide information on American citizenship, the fight to vote, education, legal aid, and more!

It is clear to see that Silvia and Mariflor are staying in action when it comes to their vision for the Latinx community, and we are eager to see where their work goes from here.

You can learn more about  this year’s Palmer Award recipient TahLea Wright here.

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