LeaderShape in Love: Part 2

LeaderShapeInLoveFebruary always brings about thoughts of love and at LeaderShape, we’re turning to mush over some sweet love stories from folks in our community! Over the course of this month, we want to tell you about some couples who met through LeaderShape, tell you how they fell in love, and take a peek at what’s next for them. We hope you enjoy these stories and perhaps are inspired to reconnect with your own loves!

In this second part of the series, we’re telling you about Gina Hurney and B Nathan. These two Co-Lead facilitators met at a Co-Lead training hosted by LeaderShape in April 2014. B had just been accepted as a Co-Lead and Gina was returning to the role after a two-year hiatus to finish her PhD. Anyone who knows B knows she’s a romantic and always kept her mind and heart open to the possibility of falling in love, especially at the Co-Lead retreat. Gina, was just happy to return to Co-Leading and was never looking for any type of relationship at all, much less to become a married woman.

Gina asked B to join her for dinner one night during the retreat and they hit it off! They realized they had a lot in common and that their values overlapped. After the retreat, B returned to Colorado State and Gina returned to Pennsylvania. They got to know each other better over long phone chats. Both will say the distance not only built their relationship, but is the reason why they’re still together! B said, “We took time each day to communicate, to share about our days, to learn about each other: and ended up falling in love.” Nine months later, Gina proposed and B said yes. They got married on November 3, 2018 in Gaithersburg, MD.

When asked how does the Institute curriculum play a part in their relationship now, B said, “Our values and integrity are the foundation of our relationship. For example, we never go to bed or wake up angry with each other. We say I love you before we go to bed and before we depart for our works in the morning. We say I am sorry. We constantly do self work. And we engage in frequent conversations related to topics of racism, sexism, intersectionality, classism, homophobia and transphobia, and how we can eliminate systems of oppression.”

B is finishing up her PhD work and then the two will take their honeymoon to Italy and Greece. They both continue to be Co-Leads for LeaderShape, are parents to their puppy dog Charli, and are doing the best they can to make the world more socially just.




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