LeaderShape in Love: Part 4

LeaderShapeInLoveFebruary always brings about thoughts of love and at LeaderShape, we’re turning to mush over some sweet love stories from folks in our community! Over the course of this month, we want to tell you about some couples who met through LeaderShape, tell you how they fell in love, and take a peek at what’s next for them. We hope you enjoy these stories and perhaps are inspired to reconnect with your own loves!

This is the last part of our LeaderShape in Love series and this week we’re telling you about Matthew Bronoske and Natalie Springer. Natalie and Matthew attended the Institute as undergrads at Miami University. While they had met before the session, they were in a family cluster together during the session and got to know each other better. They began a strong, close friendship that week and started dating a few years later. In fact, their romantic relationship was built on that strong friendship!

Matthew said that, “Active listening has been, and always will be a key part of our relationship. LeaderShape taught us that the goal of active listening is to understand the other person’s thoughts and emotions, rather than solely listening to prepare a response.  We have found that active listening is a part of our daily communication and has fortified our relationship and wellbeing with one another.”

The couple will marry later this year and become “Miami Mergers”, a term used to describe Miami University alumni that marry. About 14% of Miami alumni hold this title! The couple said they hope to teach their future children the values they learned at LeaderShape and spark ideas and visions of their own. We hope that, too!


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