Our Year in Review

As the year comes to a close, we cannot help but to reminisce over some of the many moments we celebrated in 2017.

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Our programs traveled near and far (and even overseas) to leave an impact on the leaders of tomorrow. See the full map here!

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In August, we had our 70,000th participant complete The Institute. Think of all of the amazing visions that are bringing endless possibilities to this world.

We partnered with 17 organizations to spend the day with their staff developing their skills in the area of resilience.

We partnered with 50 organizations to help participants create change in their communities by starting something extraordinary.


We connected with seven presenters for our webinars that covered topics ranging from leveraging positive change to building creativity , and sustainable partnerships to conversations that matter.

Interested in hearing these wonderful people speak about these topics, head over here. Want to see some of their work in a graphic, head over to our Facebook album with even more webinars!


Join us in reflecting, connecting, and acting on the past few #Day7 themes here.

July: #BeABeliever

August: #EmbraceFailure

September: #TimeToReflect

October: #FindYourCreativity

November: #PracticeGratitude

December: #GetJoyful


Join the conversation from our monthly Twitter chats here.

July: To Lead, Live and Spark Inspiration

August: To Lead, Live and Take Time to Reflect

September: To Lead, Live and Practice Self Care

October: To Lead, Live and Activate Your Strengths

November: To Lead, Live and Celebrate 2017

To Lead, Live & Look Ahead

Here at LeaderShape, we want to experience a world where everyone leads with integrity and lives in possibility. Where we work in community with one another. Where everyone sees their own gifts and finds ways to use them for the greater good.

We want to intentionally create spaces for others to be included and contribute in this world and then by doing so, lead others to do the same – “to lead, live and look ahead”.

This blog series is a place to hear updates from our Community Engagement team at the beginning of each month. The updates will include #Day7, #LeaderShapeChat, and any other upcoming campaigns and projects you can participate in with us.

Day 7

This month, #Day7 will be focusing on creativity. Many believe that only certain people can be creative, but LeaderShape believes that every individual is capable of being creative in their own ways. We will debunk this “only certain people can be creative” theory and share ways to find and embrace different kinds of creativity. Throughout the entire day (Saturday, October 7th), we will have quizzes, articles, videos, and other fun ways to #FindYourCreativity on our Twitter feed – be sure to follow along.  


Join us for this month’s LeaderShape Webinar Series on Monday, October 16th at 12 p.m. CST. We will be welcoming Tricia Homer and Jackie Pearce Garrett as they present A Space for Reflection: Recharge your Leadership Through Nourishment/Self-Care. To register and attend, visit bigmarker.com/leadershape.
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Each month, we host a Twitter chat that exemplifies our belief of “to lead, live”. On Wednesday, October 25th, we encourage you to join us on Twitter for our #LeaderShapeChat about activating your strengths. “With the new day comes new strengths and new thoughts” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

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In September, we talked about how self care plays a critical part in leadership and our lives. Catch up on the recap here.

LeaderShape Graduates

In September, we continued to strengthen our engagement with LeaderShapers through our social media efforts by starting a “Where Are They Now” campaign. We highlight members of our Institute, Catalyst, and Resilience programs by sharing their story, advice, or favorite quote.

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If you would like to be involved, send an email to community@leadershape.org and we will find a way to share your story!


It’s National Book Month! To celebrate, we want to send you a LeaderShape gift bag with one of our favorite books! Throughout the years, we have been inspired by many stories, learned some lessons, sparked creative ideas, and even had a few “how fascinating” reflections. All of this happened by simply turning a page. Throughout the rest of the month, we invite you to post on Instagram a picture of you and your favorite book with the hashtag #toleadread.

#Day7: Tough Questions

shareasimage (3)December 7, 2015

The final #Day7 of 2015.

With one year coming to an end and another fast approaching, we may find ourselves pondering how the past year went and questioning what the New Year will hold.

“How did the year treat you?”
“Did you accomplish what you wanted in 2015?”
“What do you have planned for 2016?”

In our one-day Catalyst program we talk about the importance of asking ourselves meaningful and important questions. We challenge the participants to consider what questions they should be asking themselves that they currently are not. As we come to the last #Day7 of 2015, we want you to do the same.

It’s not always easy to challenge ourselves in this manner…to look within and consider what we are avoiding. But there are some pretty great things about digging into “the tough questions.”

We learn.

We learn from the question itself and from the answers we discover. We learn what we are afraid of, what is holding us back, what troubles our hearts and our minds. We learn how to be vulnerable.

We learn how to face our fears. We learn how to move forward despite obstacles. We learn how to solve problems. We learn what we care most about.

We learn where to direct our attention, resources, and efforts.

So let’s try it. Ask yourself, “What question am I avoiding that I should be asking myself right now.”

You aren’t alone in this practice. Here is what we at LeaderShape think we need to be asking ourselves right now…

Is this choice or decision getting me closer to the person I aspire to be?

Have I made someone smile today?

What do I need to let go of so that I can truly focus on what is most important to me?
Why is it so hard to show myself grace?
Kristen H.

What do I need to be doing to refresh my soul and encourage my heart?
How do I show compassion to my parents on a more regular basis?
Kristen Y.

What are the lessons I want to teach my children before they leave home?

How can I be more patient with myself and others?
How do I allow for voices different from my own to be heard?
How can I contribute to a sense of hope in our world?

What is your question?
We’d love to know and hope you’ll share it in the comments section.