Staying In Action: Part 2

Welcome back! We are eager to continue exploring ways in which we can stay in action. Before you read on, be sure you are all caught up with our first post.

Act On It
It might feel intimidating or it might be exhilarating – maybe a bit of both! – but what’s needed to create change in the world is putting our ideas into motion. We must move to action.

Breakthrough Blueprint & Tomorrow’s HeadlinesBinderPhone
These beautiful plans to move us toward a more just, caring, and thriving world that you created at the Institute are an excellent place to start. If, over time, you find your priorities shift and are no longer compelled by your initial dream, then use your blueprint as a guide to work toward a new vision for the world. See the future you wish to live in and take steps to move us toward it!

Going Against The Grain
In addition to big bold outward goals, experimenting with and acting on new behaviors, like you did with your Going Against My Grain habit during the Institute, is also a meaningful way to stay in action. Leadership and creating change aren’t only about what to do, but also how to be.

Build Resilient Habits
Stepping into leadership and working towards big and bold goals takes perseverance. Sometimes we’ll face obstacles that we need to overcome in order to stay in action. During these times, relying on our ability to be resilient is a great help. This is a theme we have explored on the blog before. Click over to the following posts for more depth on how to build habits toward resilience.

Reflecting in the Moment: 5 Take-Aways
Building Resilience Leaders
Resilience: Timeless Anchors

When it comes to creating positive change in the world, staying in action gets us there. Learn, Support, Take Action, Be Resilient. We are here for you and we are counting on you. We know you can do it!

Staying In Action: Part 1

We have had over 60 sessions and 2,500 participants and facilitators experience the Institute in 2019 so far! Add these folks to the over 70,000 who have also participated in the Institute over the past 32 years – and that is a lot of people carrying the lessons of the Institute with them. Some of us are deep into the work of activating what we learned at the Institute, while some of us are figuring out what it means to stay in action.

Whether you participated in the Institute a few weeks, a few months, or a few years ago, staying in action is the next step and an important part of being part of the LeaderShape community. As a LeaderShaper, we acknowledge the responsibility and privilege we have to create positive change in the world.

Over the next couple of days, we are going to share some ways in which you can stay in action and create change.

Keep Learning With Us
There isn’t an end to what we can learn. Learning is a life-long process. It’s exhilarating to know that there will always be new ideas to uncover. And there are ways that we can continue this learning together.

Download the LeaderShape App
Our new app is like having LeaderShape in your pocket and at your fingertips. It’s a daily opportunity to keep learning and keep teaching, in community with one another.AppPhonePhoto

  • Have a problem you to solve? Ask for advice.
  • Looking for information? Crowdsource that in the app.
  • Have a story or resource to share? Pass it on.
  • Get involved with what we’re sharing. Each month we’ll have a theme that is meant to keep us all engaged with growing as leaders and change-makers.

Download the LeaderShape app for iOS
Download the LeaderShape app for Android

Join us for Day 7 on the 7th of each Month
We use this day to explore a topic related to staying in action across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You’ll find encouragement as well as ideas and practices to incorporate into your day-to-day life.

Get Support, Give Support
We recognize and celebrate the community you have in your life beyond LeaderShape – those people who offer you guidance and support as well as the folks that you lift up through the encouragement you have to offer. Tending to these relationships is part of leadership and connection.

Maintain relationships from the Institute
It can be challenging to help people who weren’t part of the experience understand what happened and why it was so impactful. But the folks who were at the session with you do have that insight and can offer a special kind of support and understanding. Whether it is face-to-face or through technology, prioritize the connections you made during the program.

Find a mentor or coach
There are a lot of talented people in the world with experience we can learn from. Find someone who will share their time in a way that helps you grow and reach your goals.

Support Others
Did you know that you also have experiences and perspectives that will help others to reach their goals? Have you considered that your words of encouragement, appreciation, and feedback can elevate others and help them feel seen? If you didn’t, we hope you do now. Supporting others on their journey is an invaluable act.

Which of these ideas are you ready to try? Think on it and come back tomorrow for more thoughts to help you to stay in action.

Sparking the Change

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 6.58.45 PM.pngWe loved using May to spark change in our life, our community, and the world. We are 100% sure that working on the little things in life can move us closer to the big and bold change we want to create – and we hope you embrace this idea as well!

One of the ways we sparked change this month was by focusing on something we learned or something we are learning. Every day we have new opportunities to learn and grow but often pass them by without even noticing. By committing to learning something new we are continuously expanding our knowledge which helps us ignite the change.

“Change is the end result of all true learning.”
– Leo Buscaglia 

When bringing about change, it’s important to understand how it can include and impact those around us. With this in mind, we took the chance to start a conversation with someone we don’t typically talk with. By opening ourselves up to someone new, we are building new someone new we are developing new relationships with people who think differently than we do. A meaningful talk with someone who thinks differently than we do brings to light lived experiences and points of view we may not have considered before.

We focused this month on all the little things we can do to make change, but what are the things that hold us back from reaching our goals? Our paths to reaching our goals are all very different from one another, but one thing we may have in common is that we sometimes we spend too much time thinking about the roadblocks that stand in our way. When we are hyper-focused on what stands in our way of reaching our goals, our story becomes externally directed. We want to shift this and craft our own story by centering what makes us effective leaders and change-makers. Crafting our own story will help us to attain our goals. Instead of thinking of all the things that MIGHT hold us back we focused on some of the characteristics of our story that make us good leaders and will help us attain our goals.

“We all have challenges. We have to face them, embrace them, defy them, and conquer them.”
–  Victoria Arlen

One of the final ways we started to spark the change this month was to expand on something we wish we knew more about, knew a little about, or didn’t have a clue about the topic at all. By taking 15 minutes every once in a while to do research on a topic that fascinates you, you are making it easier to step out of your comfort zone and really make change!

By continuing to put these habits – personal growth, conversations that matter, crafting our own leadership story, and exploring ideas that fascinate us – into practice, we are better able to create big change in your life and in the lives of those around you.