: a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities
: a person who is greatly admired

Heroes. They can be world leaders, pop stars, creatives, activists, family members, a neighbor. They can be found anywhere.

We all love heroes, don’t we? Heroes can prove to us that the fight is worth fighting. They help us learn to persevere – to keep fighting – even when it feels as though we have been defeated. Heroes teach us that nobody is perfect and that imperfection is no reason to give up.

Heroes can inspire us to find and act on our own greatness. They show us that we can make an impact. We can make the world a better place.

We asked our interns about someone they consider a personal hero. This is what they shared…

My personal hero is an 18 year old Pakistani girl who once said, “It is also important that we should say no to wrong. And if there is something going wrong we must have the confidence to say that this thing is going wrong, and we must raise our voice.” That 18 year old girl is Malala Yousafzai. I admire her fearless perseverance in the fight for girls’ education. Her bravery, kindness and eloquence are traits that awe and inspire me! – Clivane

Hmmm… I don’t know that I have a “personal hero”. I honestly like to find inspiration and motivation from individuals. My peers, my friends, my fraternity brothers, my family members have such incredible stories. Their stories are able to be related to and are real. Seeing people around me overcome incredible obstacles and excelling in what they love is so inspiring to me. – Blake

When you think about someone who is a hero in your eyes, who comes to mind?
Share your own personal hero with us in the comments. 

Meet the Interns: Clivane

A new intern has joined the LeaderShape team, ready to contribute to our community engagement work. We’re happy to introduce you to Clivane…

IMG_5125Hi! My name is Clivane Previlon (@clivaneprevilon) and I am entering my final year at York University in Ontario, Canada. I created my own major of study through an Individualized Studies program, so I specialize in communications at York University’s bilingual Glendon Campus. I currently work as a Media & Communications Ambassador at Student Community & Leadership Development at York U and my on-campus involvement ranges from volunteer work, internships and student organizations like Lean In and Her Campus. As an aspiring communications professional, I love writing, editing, social media, video editing and graphic design. When I’m not writing, I am reading and when I’m not reading, I love exploring the city and hanging out with my best friends.

How did you get connected to LeaderShape?12304533_10156283522185652_4185967225000681397_o
I had the opportunity to attend the Institute in October 2015 and Day 7 left me with so many questions! Luckily, my questions were answered in the weeks following my return from the Institute as I talked and blogged about my experience. I continued to stay connected with LeaderShape’s social media and through the Daily Inspiration emails. It was on the Facebook page that I first heard about the Marketing Intern opportunity and the rest was history!

What is something from your involvement from LeaderShape that you continue to apply or work towards in your life?
My GAG (Going Against my Grain habit) from the Institute became my #OneWord365 for 2016! This year, I decided to live by the word VULNERABILITY. As a self-reliant, private introvert, I’ve always shied away from vulnerability in my leadership. Now as a graduate of the Institute, I strive to embrace vulnerability every day. As a result, I find that my relationships are deeper and I feel strengthened by the support I have received from others.

We know you have a pretty full schedule. If you were given a completely free day, with no obligations, what would you do?
I’d head to the bookstore to buy some new books, and then spend the day in my happy place:  lounging with books and snacks in my backyard.

Anything else you want to add?
Whoever you are, whatever work you do and whatever you are going through right now, please remember to “celebrate the small victories.” This is something my roommate taught me at the Institute and it is applicable to your struggles and your successes. Take time to realize how far you’ve come. Practice self care. Express gratitude. You may have 99 problems, but you probably have at least 999 things to celebrate and be thankful for <3.

Meet the Interns: Blake

A new intern has joined the LeaderShape team and is ready to contribute to our work around community engagement and marketing.

Much of what interns do is behind the scenes work, but there are times when we want to put the spotlight on them. Like now…when we are eager for you to meet Blake.

11037632_10205098413552253_7675347866641178219_nMy name is Blake Shepheard (@blake_shepheard) and I am a student studying public relations and communication at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri. I am a founding father and colonizing chapter president of the Zeta Nu chapter of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. My involvement in fraternity life led me to accepting a position on the Inter-fraternity executive board as the Vice President of Membership Development. My previous involvement was in Residence Life where I worked with our Residence Hall Association and was also a Resident Assistant for a year and a half. I love the outdoors and always find myself backpacking, camping, hiking, kayaking, and hammocking. I am always seeking the new adventure in life and live pretty spontaneously.

How did you get connected to LeaderShape?
I had the honor of attending a national session of the Institute the summer after my freshman year. My university was interested in starting the program at Mo State so they sent a few students to Champaign, Illinois to check it out. I loved it and was truly inspired by the people and the experience. I then was able to return to Missouri State and help promote LeaderShape among my peers and ensure they receive a great experience themselves. I am now part of the LeaderShape team as a marketing intern!

What is something from your involvement from LeaderShape that you continue to apply or work towards in your life?
At the Institute I was taught the importance of potential. The potential within myself, the potential when student leaders come together and unite, the potential of advocating for others, and a number of other things. I am reminded that potential is limitless so long as you continue seeking new opportunities and taking initiative. If you continue to challenge what is and look to what could be, you are sure to learn new things and maximize your potential.

1931336_10207096013170995_5039359406840059346_nWe know you have a pretty full schedule. If you were given a completely free day, with no obligations, what would you do?
If I was given a completely free day with no obligations, I would travel the world and listen to people share their stories! How cool would it be to take the time to listen to people from all around the world share their perspectives, their history, their goals? We would learn so much about the world around us.

Anything else you want to add?
To those of you that haven’t been exposed to LeaderShape, get engaged! To those of you that have been engaged with LeaderShape in some capacity – now is our time to take action! Take a few minutes to review your notes, reflect back on your experience, and recommit yourself to the people and ideas you were inspired by. It is easy to sit back and watch the world play out before your eyes, but how cool would it be to be an engaged citizen in that process? Let’s make it happen!