#Day7: Who Affirms Your Purpose?

LS-Institute-color_on.whiteCurrently we are spending time with the Co-Lead Facilitators of our Institute program. Each year we gather together with them to spend time developing as facilitators and thinking about the content of the curriculum. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with one another and with the mission and vision of LeaderShape.

What a great way to spend #Day7, don’t you think?

Any time that the LeaderShape staff is in community with other LeaderShapers, it is special. It is energizing and affirms the pu

Who energizes you and affirms the purpose behind your work?

Talk to them today. If not in person, then over the phone. If not over the phone, drop them a note or a text. Write them a letter even. However you do it, connect with them. And experience, once again, how that connection encourages the work you are committed to.