#toleadread Book Club: The Hate U Give

The LeaderShape community has chosen a book for first-ever read-along! Join us in reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.HateUGive

You can find the book everywhere – really! It is a William C. Morris Award Winner, has been recognized with the Printz Book Honor, and is a Coretta Scott King Honor Book. It also made it to #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list. Head to the library, listen to it through platforms like Audible, and if you buy it online, we’d love for you to connect to our AmazonSmile account (Amazon donate .5% of eligible purchases to us when you do so).

We have about a month to read the book and the LeaderShape staff will be sharing their progress on our social media accounts along the way. We hope you’ll share yours as well! Be sure to use #toleadread so we don’t miss them.

Finally, mark your calendar for 1:00pm CST on Wednesday, November 28. This is the day we’ll come together to discuss the book. We’ll have a few questions to get things rolling, and a small panel of LeaderShape staff and friends will be leading the way. We want to hear from you as well, so we’ll be using BigMarker, the same platform we use for our webinar series. There will be several ways for you to add your thoughts to the conversation through this platform. Be sure to save your spot by registering here.

We’re eager to read along with you and are looking forward to November 28!

#toleadread Book Club

To know LeaderShape is to know that we are committed to being life-long#ToLeadRead learners, that we believe in the power of story-telling, and that we know we can learn great things when we are in community with one another. Given all of this, we want to try something new and you’re invited!

We want to take a shot at a book club of sorts, taking #toleadread to another level. Here is what we’re thinking…

We Choose a Book
And by “we”, we mean you and us together! We’ll be starting with four titles and narrowing it down to the final selection by voting in a 3-round bracket. Head over to our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account starting on Monday, October 22 and vote for the book you’d like to read along with us.

We Read it Together
Once the votes are in, the book choice will be announced on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and right back here on our blog. We’ll have about a month to read the book, and some of us on staff will be sharing our progress as we go. You can do the same using #toleadread.

We Have an Awesome Conversation
Meet us on BigMarker (link coming soon!) on Wednesday, November 28 at 1:00pm CST to explore the book with other LeaderShapers. Some of the LeaderShape staff will be there to lead us through questions and discussion points.

We hope you’ll join us for this experiment! Until then, drop us any questions you have down below.


What We’re Reading: Blogs

We do enjoy reading, here at LeaderShape. Books, papers, blogs, and the like. We readily make recommendations to one another 

and enjoy sharing a good find. Maybe you are like us and are always looking for new ideas and thoughts to learn about and from.

So, we asked some of the staff to share their favorite blogs and tell us why they read them. Perhaps you’ll find one that you want to add to your list? And if you have something we should be reading, we hope you’ll include it in the comments!

Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post
Eugene Robinson is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who is fair and factual in his reporting. I’m a bit of a political junkie and I find myself going to his opinion pieces for valuable and validated information on the political climate. You’ll often find polling data and other stats in his column, which I really appreciate.

This blog fuels my cooking/baking fire. I really love time in the kitchen, and Heidi does a great job of writing about great food, and taking great pics along the way! She also shares other food blogs that she’s currently crushing on. It’s a veritable rabbit hole of food information.

Kristen Y
Journey With Me
This blog is written by a woman who has had a passion for jewelry making since she was in high school. She turned that passion into a business. In her blog she talks about her work, her family, her struggles, and fashion. I enjoy reading her blog because I can see her heart in her writing, and I can relate to the things she talks about in her own life. I appreciate her honesty with struggles she faces and how she shows moments of joy in her every day life.

This is more of an on-line magazine than a blog, but I enjoy reading it because of the reflective nature of the stories. Every story I read I find myself thinking about something in a way I hadn’t before.

Dinner A Love Story
I read this blog as I think about the foundation my husband and I want to create for our family. Food is important and growing up I have so many memories of important conversations over the dinner table with my grandparents. This blog is helping me develop that for our family. It gives me focus when sometimes all I want to do is eat out!

Kristen “KBH”
Grok Nation
When you understand what the name of the blog means, you then get a sense of the blog itself. “Grok” is a word coined by science-fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein in his novel, Stranger in a Strange Land. It means “to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed.” A little bit nerdy, a lot of working to learn through understanding. I love the conversational tone, the depth of thinking that is displayed through the writing, and the variety of relevant topics on this blog.

A Creative Day
This blog was created by LeaderShaper Eileen Beaver. I met Eileen at the 2007 Clemson University session of the Institute. Afterwards, we became friends on Facebook (it’s just what you do after a session) and that is how I found her blog. Primarily a design blog, I love how Eileen uses design elements to make her home cozy, livable, beautiful, and a reflection of her and her family.

Seth Godin
I have always found Seth to be a provocative and creative thinker. He writes in a no-nonsense way that connects with my way of thinking. He does a great job of making marketing something larger that impacts our entire life.

16 Thought-Provoking Social Justice Blogs on Tumblr
Although I read all of the blogs on this list, I really like Chescaleigh’s accessibility. She’s able to convey complex issues in ways that everyone can relate to.